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D'Tails is committed as much, if not more, to the loving and gentle grooming experience, as to the actual groom itself. One can find groomers everywhere, but one would be hard pressed to find a grooming experience this positive for your best friend. This is especially beneficial to the elderly or anxious dog. I am dedicated to educating dog owners about how dogs are treated in most grooming establishments...

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Carmel Dog Grooming offers top rated and professional Dog Grooming in Westfield. [Read More]

  • Dog Grooming:
    Each Groom Is All Inclusive: Bath and massage with Paw Earth shampoo and conditioners, nails clipped and filed for smooth edges, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned and plucked per breed requirement, potty patch clipped, paw pads clipped, teeth cleaned (customer provides tooth brush), hair clipped and scissored per breed standard or owners specifications. BATH ONLY receives all the same procedures except the hair clip and scissoring.
  • Specialties:
    I offer dog treats from: Pet Lover's Organic Barkery, where 50% of the profits are donated to the Hamilton County Humane Society & JP's Dog House
  • Top Brands:
    Treats: Pet Lover's Organic Bakery & JP's Dog House

Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips

Carmel Dog Grooming provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Dog Grooming ]

Carmel Dog Grooming | 10% Off First Visit and $10 Off For Every Referral!

You treat your dog like a member of your family and expect the same when it comes to dog grooming. Unfortunately not all groomers are created equal. Everyone has heard horror stories about unsanitary conditions and not so gentle clippers. Carmel Dog Grooming will treat your furry friend like a member of their own family. Not only can you expect clean and sanitary conditions, but your pet will never be crated when they visit. Every groomer at the intimate salon has been highly trained. Not only do they know how to treat your pampered pet, but they also know the best way to make Fido or Fifi as comfortable as possible. The best thing about taking your dog to a professional salon is that all of the equipment is on the premises. Shampooing your pet in the bathtub or sink can be down-right dangerous to you, and your furry friend.

Regular grooming will keep your pet healthy and comfortable. Carmel Dog Grooming will remove hair that has become matted, take care of waxy ears and trim nails. A good salon can also spot flea and tick infestations. Professional groomers will also let you know if your pet is suffering from tooth decay, skin cancer and ear infections. They can also give you advice regarding grooming, behavior and dietary issues. Carmel Dog Grooming uses the best products which will keep your pet clean and healthy. After just one visit, you will notice how soft and supple your dogs skin and fur have become. If it is your first time visiting Carmel Dog Grooming salon, make sure that you let the groomer know if your pet has any skin conditions, injuries or wounds. Warts, mole, lumps and bumps need to be mentioned as well.

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